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Elias Tipps and Mary Magdeline Nigh/Nye (North Carolina & Indiana) ( late 1700s early 1800s )

In 1995 James Morris Tipps published the book:  "The Tipps Family History: including allied families".  (Downloads a pdf of the book.) This book has been extremely helpful in filling in the branches of my family.  Now with DNA results, the experts all say: 'work your tree', 'fill DOWN your tree', so that is what I am trying to do.  As I have added information from this book to my tree, I have found updates to the information Mr. Tipps published as well as additional information.

This blog will attempt to bring those updates and additions to light.

I am starting with "Chapter 3: Family A -- Elias Tipps Family".  The first two chapters contain a significant amount of background information on the Tipps family and is definitely worth reading before you embark on the researching this family.


Family A—Elias Tipps Family
Third Generation
1.4 Elias Tippong/Tipps—Third child of Lorenz/Lawrence Dibon/TippongElias was probably born between 1746-1750 in Philadelphia and later married Mary Magdeline Nigh/Nye, daughter of Christian Nigh of Lincoln County, North Carolina. She was a devisee in her father's will of 1796 in Lincoln Co. Elias and Mary Magdeline were living in Lincoln Co. in 1790 with two sons under the age of 16 and one daughter. An additional daughter, born after 1790, was named in Conrad's will.
 Elias probably used his wife's inheritance as a stake to move to the newly opened western frontier because he is next
found in Indiana Territory signing a petition to Congress on December 12, 1809. The petitioners were from Clark County,Indiana Territory and had just been given the right to vote. They were asking for local control of their militia and other countyofficers. Among the many signers of this petition were Elias Tipps, his son Conrad Tipps, and two future sons-in-laws, SamuelBlount and George Rider. Though Elias is not listed on the 1807 Census of the Territory North of the Ohio, he had to be ataxpaying land-owner to sign the Congressional Petition of 1809."To refresh your memory on Indiana, the French explorer, La Salle, first entered Indiana in 1679 and fur traders wereabout the only white men in the area for the next half century. In 1763, the area became British, but Indian uprisings madesettlement difficult. With the end of the Revolutionary War, Clarksville, opposite Louis\ ille, Kentucky, was settled in 1784. Afew years later, the land was opened to Revolutionary War veterans and others. The Indiana Territory was organized in 1 800and the last Indian resistance was finally overcome at the battle of Tippecanoe in 1811. Statehood was granted in 1816. SoElias moved to Indiana just before the Indian hostilities ended and before statehood. He was a true pioneer.Elias had four known children and it appears that a Thomas Tipps was also his son:
  • 1.4.1 Aaron (1787-1849)#
  • 1.4.2 Conrad/Cornelius (1788-1839)#
  • 1.4.3 Thomas (1789- )#
  • 1.4.4 Mary Polly (1790-1836)*
  • 1.4.5 Christiana (1792-1849)*"

The book states that Elias was probably born between 1746 and 1832 (Page 11) and that Elias married Mary Magdeline Nigh (or Nye).  Can anyone help fill in any of these spots?

Next Post:  Elias & Mary's children

Event Elias Tipps Mary Magdeline Nigh/Nye
Birth |1746-1750 probably in Philadephia. (undocumented) |Daughter of Christian Nigh of Lincoln County, North Carolina.  Birth date unknown
Marriage | |unknown
Death |Many public trees show a death place of Clark County, Indiana, but none have documentation. |unknown
Burial |unknown |unknown
| |
Land |unknown |
| |
Military - Revolutionary War |nothing found on Fold3 |
Military - War of 1812 |nothing found on Fold3 |
| |
1790 Census |Lincoln County, North Carolina.  Living with his wife, 2 sons under 16 and one daughter. Census Citation: Year: 1790; Census Place: Lincoln, North Carolina; Series: M637; Roll: 7; Page: 109; Image: 72; Family History Library Film: 0568147 |Mentioned in her father's will in 1796. (I do not have a copy of the will) 
1800 Census |Petitions congress 12 December 1809 (have not found document)
Can't find in census
1810 Census |Can't find in census |
1820 Census |Can't find in census |
1830 Census |Can't find in census |
1840 Census |Can't find in census |
| |
| |

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